North Korea is a place of many secrets with very limited access allowed the rest of the world not much known about what goes on under the rule of its now infamous leader Kim Jong-un however there are some facts that we do know about this elusive figure and his state that are truly mind-boggling.

Here are five things you need to know about Kim-jong-un

He was brought up in Switzerland

Today Kim Jong Un’s name is synonymous with North Korea but many people do not know but he has spent a large part of his early life in Switzerland where from 1994 to 2000 he lives with his aunt and attended the international school of Bern under the fake name of Park Geun. Neighbors often reported that he was very quiet captain South was always accompanied by guards and was driven around in vans with Korean embassy plates on them.he was also apparently a big fan of basketball as he was often seen playing it alone in his courtyard. Kim’s aunt who defected to the US in 1998 has confirmed that the mysterious child was indeed Kim.

He takes mourning very seriously

Funerals are never a pleasant occasion but they can be made much more employment when one of those in attendance is a power-crazed dictator Kim Jong has a history of punishing those who he does not feel are mourning hard enough of funerals for instance in 2011 after the funeral of his father Kim jong a second Kim Jong-hoon made it a policy but anyone who didn’t seem to be sufficiently upset over the loss of his father would be imprisoned this included own of his own advisors this resulted in nationwide grief with people flocking into the streets and sobbing in order to spare to jail. Kim Jang also stated that if anyone who was found to be too drunk in the days following his fathers funeral but no trace of him down to his hair should remain.

He had a cheese addiction

Many people love cheese but Kim Jong took things another level his cheese of choice is reportedly swiss cheese which he may have picked up a liking form during his time spent living in Switzerland. Apparently, the North Korea government spends tens of thousands of pounds per year on Swiss cheese import to keep the Supreme leader satisfied while the country starves. His ballooned-up body and limp-walk caught mass attention and people blamed his love of Swiss cheese for the same. However, some also said that the increased body might be a deliberate attempt to look more like his grandfather.

He had his uncle executed

His uncle, Jang Song Thaek, who was second-in-command was found guilty of “attempting to overthrow the state.” And so, if reports are to be believed, Kim Jong-un had him executed. His uncle was apparently first stripped naked and then thrown into a cage of ravenous dogs that finished the human off.

He underwent surgery to resemble his grandfather

for some, plastic surgery is a means of improving their looks, but Kim Jong-un's goal was to look like his grandfather, Kim Il-sung. He wanted to appear as a father figure to North Koreans.