It doesn't matter much for Pakistan whether Joe Biden or Donald Trump was elected the President of the United States. People can see the American foreign policy within the region remaining quite similar, regardless of who is President.

Yesterday Joe Biden has been sworn in as the 46th US president, ending one of the most dramatic political transitions in American history. Also Kamala Harris was sworn in as vice-president ahead of Mr Biden. She is the first woman and the first black and Asian-American person to serve in the role, a heartbeat from the presidency.

Biden will probably slow down the withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan. Changing the rapid withdrawal into a more planned and organized withdrawal that takes longer. This would probably limit Pakistan’s influence within Afghanistan in the short-term. However, the US withdrawal is likely to continue. This means that once the US troops have left Afghanistan, Pakistan will become kind of irrelevant to the US. After the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, Pakistan will lose its leverage over the US.

The US under Biden is likely to continue to challenge the rise of China. This naturally puts the US closer to India than Pakistan. As Pakistan is leaning more towards the Chinese side in this upcoming cold war. People can see this becoming more apparent in the coming decade.

The combination of these two factors will probably result in the US that is more Pro-India than Pakistan. The fact that Biden was elected President over Trump won’t change anything. Other than the fact that the US will act in a far more planned and intelligent manner.