The 27-year-old English singer Zayn Malik and his father Yaser Malik didn't attend his daughter's Wedding. because they did not approve of the groom, who is an ex-convict.

According to reports along with Zayn, his father Yasser was also not seen at the wedding. Waliyha, however, was accompanied by her mother Trisha on her way to getting married.

Zayn Malik's sister Waliyha married Junaid Khan last week in the backyard of her youngest sister Safaa Malik’s house, which is in the same neighbourhood as the parents’ house in Bradford, yet the father of the bride did not attend the ceremony or the reception.

Popular singer Zayn's mother, Tricia was present and so were her other sisters, Doniya and Safaa. However, the wedding did not go without disruptions. The wedding list had 40 people invited but the city comes under Tier 3 division of COVID-19 safety guidelines, which means only 15 people can be invited to a wedding.

Residents of the neighbourhood called the police, who came and fined some of the relatives. Nonetheless, the happy event came just months after Zayn welcomed his daughter with Gigi into the world.

Earlier, Zayn Malik's youngest sister Safaa (18) had also given birth to a daughter along with husband Martin Tiser.