Kamala Harris is now the vice president of America. Harris is making American history on her own as the first Black, first woman, and first Indian American to hold this office. As a lawyer and U.S. Senator, Harris’s identity in both her personal life and politics has been largely shaped by her background: her late mother, Shyamala Gopalan, who died in 2009, was an Indian immigrant, and her father, Donald J. Harris, is a Jamaican immigrant. 

Kamala Harris’s father Dr Donald Harris is Stanford University Professor Emeritus of Economics. He is 82 years old. Dr Harris and his daughter, Kamala, have had a relationship that has been described as "complicated".

Dr Harris lives close to Kamala, and recent reports claim they're on "good terms," but she's made comments that suggest that she was closer to her late mother. It sounds like they have an important, but complicated relationship.

Dr Harris was deemed a "Marxist" scholar by The Stanford Daily, indicating that "there was some opposition to granting him tenure because he was 'too charismatic, a pied piper leading students astray from neo-Classical economics."

When Kamala was just seven years old when her parents separated, and her mother was granted full custody of Kamala and her sister Maya. In the 2018 essay mentioned earlier, Donald went into some detail about their divorce, noting that it “came to an abrupt halt in 1972” after he lost a "hard-fought custody battle in the family court of Oakland, California." Despite the terms of their divorce, Harris claims that his love for his family didn't end when his marriage did. "Nevertheless, I persisted, never giving up on my love for my children or reneging on my responsibilities as their father."

Kamala Harris father was the first Black person to receive tenure in Stanford’s economics department, and people who knew him say they can see his tenacity and spirited argumentation in his daughter's political debates.

Donald Harris, Kamala Harris's Dad, Is a Renowned Stanford Professor. Kamala Harris has written about her relationship with her parents in her autobiography We Hold These Truths: An American Journey, released in 2019.

Donald Harris is 82 years old. One might as easily assume that at his age and healthy, he decided to forego the Inauguration because there’s covid-19 Pandemic happening now that makes it advisable to not travel by air to engage with lots of people. One might further assume that Dr Harris, being the healthy man he is, would prefer to stay that away.