Mussolini wasn’t a Nazi, he was fascist. Mussolini didn’t have an idea of racial purity or supremacy, just Italian nationalism. Mussolini was the father of fascism, Hitler harnessed Anti-semitism to gain power, creating a new form of fascism with added hatred.

Hitler is hated mostly because of the Holocaust. Ask anyone about Hitler and 99% of the time they’ll mention the horrors of the Holocaust. Don’t get me wrong, Mussolini was a thug, but Hitler was a monster. Hitler committed the most infamous genocides in human history. People remember Hitler because of the genocide, not his authoritarian tendencies.

Mussolini and Hitler both had authoritarian governments that preyed on the fear of communism, using street thugs and censorship. Mussolini was the father of fascism. When Mussolini took power, Hitler was quite literally taking notes. Everything Mussolini did, Hitler followed suit.

Mussolini harnessed the fear of communism in his March on Rome. Hitler did the same with the Reichstag fire. Mussolini used his black shirt thugs to control the populations. Hitler did the same with his brown shirts.

Mussolini created youth organizations to indoctrinate children into the fascist ideology. Hitler did the same. But there’s one thing that Hitler did that Mussolini didn’t. He based his fascist ideology on antisemitism, which was prevalent in Germany. And this is why Hitler is hated more than Mussolini. They both did the same authoritarian actions, but Mussolini wasn’t genocidal.

You don’t see antisemitic slogans in Mussolini’s ideology, only Hitler’s. Hitler went only one step farther than Mussolini, genocide. That’s why everyone hates Hitler, and not Mussolini. Both were dictators and fascists, but only Hitler was genocidal.