Love is a strong word, but England has a lot of respect for Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen served as a mechanic during the war. That alone grants her a level of respect in Britain as part of the "greatest generation". She was thrust into being monarch unexpectedly at a young age by the death of her father. Without complaint, she took up the burden of the Crown and tried to manage the impossible task of keeping things on an even keel despite having no real power herself.

Elizabeth is necessarily apolitical, but she has a quiet sense of purpose about trying to nudge the world into being a better place. When she entertained the King of Saudi Arabia she made a point of driving him around the Balmoral estate personally so that she could - without saying anything improper - quietly make the point that there is nothing wrong with a woman driving a car.

She is now an old woman in her 90s. But whilst people like the Pope might think they are too old and tired for their duties and retire from public office, she plods doggedly on with an indefatigable sense of duty.

Surely Not everyone loves her. But virtually everyone respects her. The world had plenty of worst monarchs over the last 1,000 years. She isn’t one of them.