A few days back, Meghan Markle bravely revealed she had suffered in a miscarriage earlier this year in a New York Times op-ed, there was a collective outpouring of sympathy, compassion, and support but with that, she’s receiving flak for it too.

It’s no secret that Meghan Markle had a tremendously difficult time as a part of the British Royal Family. However, her difficulties did not just end there.

The former Hollywood star revealed that she and her husband Prince Harry lost their unborn child in July. The harrowing incident started while Markle was taking care of her 1-year-old son, Archie, at the comfort of their home in Santa Barbara. She also revealed that she felt a sudden gush of pain before falling to the floor but still cradling her son. She tried to console herself and Archie by humming a lullaby. At that time both were devastated at the loss of their baby and thinking how are they going to heal.

Meghan again decided to open up about her miscarriage to break the taboo the surrounds the matters. The Duchess of Sussex also admitted that certain events this year contributed to a difficult 2020 for a lot of people.

On Twitter, Markle’s fans and critics reacted to the news that she suffered a miscarriage. Some people think she does for the publicity. Some think that is true. Most people think are not. How can anyone believe anything her P/R people release about her?

While all sympathize with her personal tragedy, many feel Meghan always has a hidden agenda in just about everything she does. Her well-crafted words hit all the right notes but were the timing to repair a damaged image from the recent LA cemetery visit.