Reading a lot only makes sense if you can put everything you read into practice. But for the average person, time is what we lack. Bill Gates is rich, he can have all the time he wants to read.

As the average person, we have to keep working to support ourselves. Reading 50 books a year and forgetting everything you've read so early won't help. You have to stop looking for quantity and start looking for quality.

Set a healthier goal of 1 book a month. As you read this book, try to apply what you read as you go along to see if it can really benefit you. If it does, you won't forget it as soon as the book is finished. The purpose of reading so much is to improve yourself with each book in one way or another.

If you read for the sole purpose of reaching a certain number of books to read, you will not benefit. So my advice is quite simple: stop your rush to quantity. Make the quality of your readers a golden rule. Apply what you read as you go along to improve every day a little more.