Finding your soulmate is actually rare. The chances are 1 in 10,000. Your soulmate is supposed to be the same age within a year. With the male always being the older. If you are the 1 in the 10,000 you have that soulmate for life.

As in all of your lives. You will know them in every lifetime you have. That is why you have a sense of familiarity when you meet and that feeling when your eyes lock. Some of the signs that you have found your soulmate is.

You Just Know it

You can hear the other person’s silent thoughts

You feel each other’s pain

Your quiet space is a peaceful place

You’re not afraid of having a conversation

Your souls meet at the perfect time

You have crossed paths before 

Finding your soulmate is not all the perfect love it is perceived to be. It is far too intense for most people to handle. You will have a fear of losing the connection. It is so intense and intoxicating you will do things you would typically never do or even thought you were capable of doing.

It is full of lack of communication, anger, misunderstanding, fighting, fear. You love to fight passionately. Just because your soulmates do not mean you are stuck together either.

Most soulmates take breaks and even permanently separate. The commonality they share is their intense connection. It’s not uncommon for soulmates to separate at all. Every soulmate relationship is different.

The soulmates who do separate usually find themselves in a toxic, unhealthy relationship. Just like any other relationship can. The fighting and arguments can lead to the destruction of each other. But a true soulmate no matter how intense the fighting may get will never cheat on you, manipulate, lie to, or try to control you.

They do not verbally or physically abuse you. When you meet them you will feel like you have known them forever. The feelings are overpowering. It is so rare because it calls for the specific things to be in tune, time, and happen as they should. Like being born at the same time with only a year between, the man always older. You know them in every life. Finding them could only be lifted to divine timing. Don’t forget the one lifetime out of 10,000 it happens to.