Voters in America will decide on 3 November whether Donald Trump remains in the White House for another four years or Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden will the new president of America.

But the Internet is losing its mind over a photo of Donald Trump appearing to sneak a peek at his wife while she cast her vote in 2016 when Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was in the race.

Trump and his wife voted at a school in Manhattan. In a photo taken while the couple voted, Trump appears to glance over at Melania, drawing speculation from the Internet that the Republican nominee doesn’t trust his wife to vote for him.

The side eye is strong with this one, OR Some questioned whether Melania is secretly With Her(Hillary Clinton).

Joe Biden and Donald Trump each need 270 electoral votes to win the presidency. Most states are leaning or solidly in favour of one candidate, but in some states the race is too close to call. These toss-up states are ranked below, with the closest races shown first. Let see who will win?