The assassination of Benazir Bhutto took place on 27 December 2007 in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Benazir Bhutto, twice Prime Minister of Pakistan (1988–1990; 1993–1996) and then-leader of the opposition Pakistan Peoples Party, had been campaigning ahead of elections scheduled for January 2008. Let me take you back to the evening of 27th December 2007.

The daughter of the east and a brave lady was warned of to Postpone her rally in Rawalpindi which was part of election campaign, but she ignored the warning. I could still recall people beside me crying, devastated and broken as they sat in front of their TV sets, could never forget how the world appeared to end for them at that point in the time.

So who killed her? It is not a simple question and its answers are even more complex, the reasons for that you’ll know below. There were a lot of players involved in this conspiracy, from the planners to financiers to actual people who carried out.


There is absolutely no doubt about this one, the attack on ground was carried out by Taliban/Alqaida mujahideens, most trails of this lead to Dar-ul-Haqania led by Sami Ul Haq, this madarsah is close to Military Establishment.


How could our beloved Brader E Islaami and pioneer of Islamic world could afford an outspoken lady who spent most of her time in West as a Prime Minister (most likely outcome) of Pakistan. KSA simply could not afford someone who was out there to shun its extremists and growing influence in Pakistan and the fact of her being woman adds a huge significance to it. KSA actually financed it, used its oil rich money and use its contacts in Army, government and Jihadists to get it done. I could still remember reading lines by Pro KSA groups on walls which went on like “How could a country succeed if it is led by a woman”.


They assisted the attackers, there is no way they could not have known at, cleaning the scene after 30 minutes alone adds to this fact later on in investigations it was proven that local police officers were directly ordered by senior military personnel and Mush to clean off the streets. One can not even ignore the fact of how the government at that time straight away shifted focus, trying variations of how was BB actually murdered and what led to her death. Mush wanted a prolonged rule and BB was a big threat in his motive, this guy would do anything for money and power- Sold of some crazy extremists to America (Guantanamo Bay) as well.

Lastly, one can not ignore and imagine it happening without America’s approval hence they were the planners at heart the reason simply could be that BB was a brave, outspoken lady and had strong ties and family relations with China which for America would have meant that it loses or limits its powers in the region all in all she would not just kneel down like other blood drinking politicians.

Asif Ali Zardari

People blaming Asif Zardari for her murder are either too naive or filled with too much hatred and love misrepresentation of facts. AZ asked (literally begged) BB not to go back to Pakistan, He warned her that Mush is just making her an easy prey and the army and mush can not be trusted and He was right.