Mary Austin was a woman who was the love and fiancee of lead singer Freddie Mercury. She was born in Battersea, South London. Mary grew up in a struggling working-class household in West London, raised by two deaf parents. she dropped school at the age of 15 and started working to support herself.

At the time, when Freddie Mercury and Mary Austin met, Mary was working in a fashion boutique and Freddie had recently graduated from art college. The pair quickly fell in love and started living together in a cramped flat before Freddie was famous. The pair quickly began dating.

During the first few years of the band, while Freddie was experimenting with outrageous clothes and was theatrically strutting, with Mary by his side, nobody questioned his sexuality.

The relationship was fun, In 1973, Mercury proposed. “He gave me a big box on Christmas Day. Inside was another box, then another and so it went on. It was like one of his playful games,” she recalled. “Eventually, I found a lovely jade ring inside the last small box. I was shocked. It just so wasn’t what I was expecting. I just whispered, ‘Yes. I will".Mary said. Freddie wrote the song “Love of my life” for Mary Austin.

After some time Freddie had been away on tour a lot that time She had thought that he didn’t love her anymore and she even thought he was having an affair with another woman. In her words “Things had just felt ‘different’, and distance between us for the last 2 years of our relationship.” In 1980, After six years of relationship their engagement ended when he confessed his infidelities to Mary, revealing himself as a bisexual, to which she replied: “No Freddie, I don’t think you are bisexual". I think you are gay.”

Then they both separated and Mary moved into a nearby flat, purchased for her by Mercury’s music-publishing company. They ended their physical relationship but remained incredibly close, frequently visiting each other.

Freddie always said that “I don’t have any real friends. I don’t think I do, people tell me they're my friends [but I don’t believe them],” he told Wigg in a 1985 interview. “I don’t have that many people to turn to, the only one is Mary, who has been a girlfriend of mine for a long time and even though we’re not together right now, I refer to her a lot and she’s the only friend I would say that I can refer to.”

When Freddie told Mary the terrible news of being HIV-positive, she devoted herself to his care. Aware of his impending death, Freddie wanted to make sure that Mary would be financially secure.

Austin later married and had two children with painter Piers Cameron, Richard, and Jamie. In 1993 they both separated and then a second marriage to businessman Nick Holford ended in divorce after five years. Now she is 68 and lives a quiet life away from the spotlight