Princess Diana’s former secret lover James Hewitt has told reporters he is not Prince Harry’s father. James Hewitt finally denied the long-standing rumour that has intrigued royal observers for years.

Speaking on Australian Channel Seven's Sunday Night, Hewitt discussed his love affair with the late princess. Asked by host Melissa Doyle if he was Prince Harry’s biological father, he replied: "No I’m not."

When pressed further on the persistent whispers, he told the presenter: "It sells papers. It's worse for him, probably, poor chap."

Princess Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell, also said it was impossible for Hewitt to be Harry’s father as he and Diana didn’t meet until Harry was a toddler. Look at the difference in the shape of their faces! The ears are different, the eyes are different - even the hairline isn’t the same. And, as Harry ages, he looks even less like Hewitt.
On the other hand, Harry and Charles look more alike - look at the lump on Charles’ nose

The shape of the face, the lump on the bridge of the nose are the same in both Philip and Charles. Philip even has a reddish beard. The shape of their faces even the teeth are the same as his grandfather.