Video games ultimate source of entertainment that has kept humans hooked on for generations now from gaming arcades to handheld 8-bit devices from Nintendo’s to PlayStation and Xbox from computers to smartphones the gaming industry has evolved like no one else and if you are a gamer you know the latest sensation in the gaming industry player unknowns battleground or simply say pub G.

Pub Jim Bob G is a phenomenal game that has every game of hooked on today the mobile version of the game has reached new heights with over hundred million downloads on Android and IOS if somehow you’re still unaware of what pub G is all about it is multiplayer.

Online battle royale game hundred players are dropped on an island that has a circle called the safe zone once a player lands on the island they need to loot abandoned homes for guns ammo armor and help kids and then start killing everyone else to become the ultimate survivor what makes it interesting is that the safe zone circle keeps shrinking constantly making the playable area smaller and smaller thus bringing all alive players closer to each other.

There are three modes solo Joe and squad a squad is made up of four members you can either team up with your friends or let the game match you with other players and when you kill everyone and become the last man standing. You win yourself something called when a winner chicken dinner.

So how and when did this madness begin a few years ago a military simulation PC game called ARMA 2 was pretty popular amongst gamers the game allowed players to build their mods and create a game within the game one such mod called days become extremely popular or enjoyed zombie a couple of steam and this inspired a certain gamer by the name of Brendan Greene who wanted an open-ended gameplay. He created a mod of his own and called it ARMA 2 battle royale it was only a matter of time that his version became popular amongst the gamers Brendan Greene believed that the map of ARMA 2 was very small and he believed in having a bigger map which would make the battle royale even more interesting he started working on such a mod for ARMA 3.

Before we proceed we need to know two things about Brendan Greene

He was never a video game developer

In the world of online gaming, Brenden was known as player unknown

Now you know right before our Monty became a reality Brendan Greene was approached by Sony online Entertainment which is today known as the daybreak company Daisy which later came to be called as h1z1 has separated from Hama-and sony online entertainment wanted green to consult on the same around the same time a Korean gaming company called dinner games was acquired by Blue Hole and was renamed to Blue Hole keno games. They approached green to Bill are never seen before battle royale game for the Korean market by then Greene had also quit Sony Online Entertainment and Reddit agreed to build a game which would be ready to release within a year eventually blue whole genome Games was renamed to pub G cooperation and the cent went live in March of 2017 the game started with just one map or angle in the very first month the game took 10 million matches played online within three days the game made 11 million dollars and after a month they had sold over a million copies of the game come October of 2017 the game broke dota 2’s record of having the most concurrent players by crossing thef figure of 2 million users the platform was said the power of online gaming was raised up G went on to be played in charity tournaments decent tornaments and also got featured by Facebook for life gaming feeds by December they partnered with tents and games and also release an Xbox version of the game they went on to release a mobile version of the game called pop G mobile in March 2018 and the game was available free of cost.

Today pub G has cost over a hundred million downloads and has become a prominent part of the pop culture we easily call the winner here and his name his Brendan Greene aka player unknown.