As we all know that Joe Biden has won the united states presidential election 2020. Joe is all set to take Oath in January 2021. However Former President Donald Trump has refused to acknowledge Biden’s Victory.

Days after Joe Biden was declared president-elect, President Donald Trump continues to refuse to acknowledge his loss or participate in a peaceful transfer of power. Trump has made numerous false claims of voter fraud and sued in several states. However, some Republican Congress members and notable figures are deciding to break off from Trump and recognize Biden’s win.

Trump was the 45th president of America. Before Trump, There were no issues with the last 44 presidents. In US history, Trump is the first president who has refused to concede and vacate the white house.

So what happens if Trump refuses to concede and leave the White House?

According to the US Constitution, Trump will automatically stop being the President from 20th January 2021. American law said, “If Biden is formally certified as the Winner in the US Congress on January 6, he will be the next president, whether Trump Concedes or not”.

Or if Trump refuses to vacate the White House, then the secret service which is the president's official guards would physically remove him. Additionally, no rule in the US constitution can extend a president’s tenure.