Lady Gaga’s career can be traced through her many style evolutions. In 2009, The singer arrived at Royal Variety Performance wearing a standardly crazy red latex Gown and met her Majesty.

Lady Gaga met Her Majesty in 2009 at the Royal Variety performance. Leave it to her to wear a full length bright red latex getup; a victorian style Atsuko Kudo. The dress isn’t strange. It’s just too much of one color clashing.

But people give Lady Gaga applause for covering up because during this time she was usually dressed very outrageously and provocatively. That was her signature style. From the looks of the Queen, she has a huge smile on her face so I don’t think she was fazed. Also, this was a performance so HM was probably not alarmed.

Her Majesty was dressed drastically different than her usual brightly colored apparel. We almost never see her in black. No one seemed too fazed, though. The Queen’s fashion choice for the night was a departure from her own signature look. She wore a long, sparkling black gown.