Jealousy and Envious usually very easy to spot. You just notice the weird vibe someone is giving off and know when someone is jealous or envious of you. You may have heard people describe someone as "green with envy." This phrase dates back to the ancient Greeks, who believed jealousy could trigger bile production and turn skin slightly green, a sign of sickness. 


There are varying degrees of jealousy and envy, ranging from someone who is an overall good-natured person feeling a bit insecure, to someone who holds animosity, grudge, and hate.

Recognizing the signs that someone is jealous or envious of you can be the first step to fixing it. 

They are copycats. Someone who is envious of you might take after you by imitating your manner of talking, walking, and even dressing.

They give you false praises and insincere compliments face to face but behind your back, they gossip or spread lies about you.

They undervalue your success.

They constantly boast about their success while talking to you but never acknowledge yours.

They want to ruin your reputation.

They celebrate your failures. Most likely by secretly rejoicing that finally, you have failed in something.

They try to spoil your plans in any way they can.

They joyfully point out mistakes you make every chance they get. Usually, they do this at the most ill-suited of times just to embarrass you in public.

They try to find reasons to hate you.

They deliberately give you bad advice, hoping that it will sabotage your attempts or endeavors.