When coincidence strikes, most people find themselves divided into two camps: those inclined to dismiss such events as random, and those who sense meaning or a larger pattern behind them. Here, we've compiled the most surprising coincidences of all time.

One man missed two Malaysian Air flights that crashed

In 2014, there were two tragic plane crashes involving Malaysian Air flights. The first was shot down over Ukraine, and the second disappeared without a trace somewhere over the Indian Ocean in the greatest aviation mystery of all time. Beyond the fact that both incidents involved the same airline in such a short time span, there was another striking coincidence: Dutch cyclist Maarten de Jonge was scheduled to take both flights, but cheated death by bumping his ticket at the eleventh hour, when cheaper options became available.

Enzo Ferrari And Ozil

Enzo Ferrari, the founder of Ferrari company died in 1988 on the 14th August. About 2 months later on 5th October 1988, Ozil was born. He is arsenal footballer. They have unbelievable resemblance

A falling baby saved twice by the same man

In the 1930s in Detroit Joseph Figlock saved a baby who fell from from a window. A year later Joseph was passing when the same baby fell , he caught her again.

Twin brothers, killed on the same road, two hours apart

In 2002,Seventy-year-old twin brothers were killed by accidents on the same road in Northern Finland.The first one was hit by a lorry while riding his bicycle ,he died 1.5km from the spot his brother was killed

The woman who couldn’t sink

Violet Jessup, She was named Miss Unsinkable. The stewardess and nurse was on the HMS Olympic when it struck the HMS Hawke, she was also on HMHS Britannic when it sank. She was also on the RMS Titanic when it sank after hitting an iceberg.

The first and last soldiers killed in WWI are buried next to each other

By the time World War I came to an end, it had claimed an estimated one million British lives. Yet somehow, without any planning, the first recorded English casualty of the war, 17-year-old soldier John Parr, and the last recorded casualty, 30-year-old George Edwin Ellison, reportedly have graves that face one another just 15 feet apart in the Saint Symphorien Military Cemetery.

The Simpsons predicted Donald Trump's presidency

It's not the only accurate prediction to come out of The Simpsons' writer's room, but it sure is the most extraordinary: in 2000, the show ran an episode that saw Donald Trump as President. While some may argue that the show's predictions can be explained, let's also keep in mind that pundits, pollsters, most of the American population, and even Donald Trump himself were all astounded by Trump's win. Whether writers for The Simpsons have a fortune teller on speed dial or are uniquely in tune with the pulse of the American people, this was a pretty remarkable prediction (unless, of course, the cartoon gave him the idea to run).