The power of concentration is everything , When we take one idea , think of it day and night over and over again and throw rest of the thing into dustbin then real concentration takes place . Why human is supreme because of power of concentration.

Everybody's mind becomes concentrated at times. We all concentrate upon those things we love, and we love those things upon which we concentrate our minds.

We should put our minds on things; they should not draw our minds to them. We are usually forced to concentrate. Our minds are forced to become fixed upon different things by an attraction in them which we cannot resist. To control the mind, to place it just where we want it, requires special training. It cannot be done in any other way.

So Here are some of the best ways to help improve your concentration quickly and easily.

Spider Web Technique

If you touch the spider web with the spoon, it will immediately react and start looking around to find out what is touching its web. But in case you do that a few times, the spider will already realise that there is no bug or insect and will no longer look back.

Similarly, whenever you are working or studying, give yourself five minutes to identify the potential sources of a distraction and then command your mind to ignore these distractions.

For instance, while you are studying, someone may knock on the door, you might hear a noise outside, etc. so before you begin studying, prepare your mind for all these possible distractions and train it to not pay any attention to them in case they arise.

Keyword Technique

In this technique, all you've got to do is to find a unique keyword or word related to your ongoing work or activity.

And then whenever you’ll feel distracted, start repeating the keyword or word in your mind till you get back to your ongoing work or activity.

There are not any specific rules so you can select any keyword or word you'd like as long as it is convenient and to your liking.

Mind Challenging Games

Solitaire, Chess, and Sudoku are some of the best games which can refresh the mind as well as increase the concentration power as all these games require a great deal of concentration and just like your muscles become stronger through the continuous workouts, your brain is a muscle too that gets stronger when you play board games such as crossword puzzles, picture puzzles, chess, etc. So if you want to enhance your concentration power while having fun in the process, playing such games can be an optimal choice.