South Korea is safe. Basically, violent crime and petty theft are basically non-existent, especially against tourists. South Korea is relatively easy to get around, but it still helps to be prepared and know a bit about their climate, transit, and local customs. Our nomads offer some travel advice and tips for your next trip.

Some things you Should Never Do in South Korea which have mention below;

Speak Loudly in Public

This sounds like something you already know, but we just want to remind you again! This applies especially if you are using public transport as it is considered rude when you speak too loudly.

Sit Randomly When Using Public Transportation

If you sit at certain spots at public transportations, you might get some harsh looks or even worst, yelled at. Whether it is on the bus or subway, there are seats marked for the elderly, disable and pregnant women. Just plopping on one of these seats can be seen as offensive and rude.

Wear Revealing Clothes

Although Koreans are beginning to evolve and accept certain ways of dressing, there are still some clothing styles that are not really looked upon in South Korea. Exposed shoulders or bar backs are considered slightly indecent. A plunging neckline is a big NO.

Leave Your Chopsticks Stuck in Rice

We know that this sounds odd because you’ve probably heard about this. Chopsticks that are placed upright resembles the incense burnt at funerals and it is also said to bring bad luck. Bringing up death at the dinner table is definitely not a good idea.

Use One Hand to Receive or Give Things

Whether you are giving out a gift or receiving a business card or even shaking hands, you should not use one but two hands. This gesture is done as a sign to show respect.

Don’t Start Eating Before the Elders.

Just like drinking, eating before the elderly is also considered rude. It is a sign of respect to wait for the elders to eat before you do. Even if your stomach is rumbling, you have to resist the temptation! You are also not allowed to leave the table before your elders finish eating.

Do Not Throw Toilet Paper in the Toilet

Many places in South Korea do not allow flushing toilet paper down the drain. You are expected to throw the tissue into the garbage can in the toilet. This is because of the old infrastructure and plumbing. Throwing the tissue in the garbage will prevent clogs and blockages. However, more and more places are changing their piping system.

Don’t Mix Different Types of Trash

 All garbage that your household produces must be disposed of properly, or you may be fined. Garbage must be separated according to whether it is common garbage, food waste, recyclable and large waste objects.