When the world saw the first of the Harry Potter movies, a true kind of magic exploded across movie theater screens everywhere. For those who were a bit older watching the movies, many wondered if the actors who portrayed their favorite characters were friends. During the first couple of movies, Daniel and Rupert were very good friends; their chemistry was so strong that it was difficult to persuade them to stop clowning around and get on with filming. We are not told what they thought of Emma, but I’m guessing that to them she was "just a girl".

Interviews from about the third movie onwards indicate that Daniel and Rupert discovered they were very different people who didn’t have much in common. They still had a good professional relationship and they still got along well; but they were not close friends and did not have contact outside of working hours.

Meanwhile, both became good friends with Emma, who always spoke very well of both of them. She said that she had long, serious conversations with Daniel, while with Rupert she joked around and had fun. When the cast were being interviewed a few minutes before the premiere of the final movie, Emma pulled Rupert into her arms for a long hug that seemed to express unfeigned closeness.