The Filmfare Awards are a set of awards that honor artistic and technical excellence in Bollywood. The Filmfare ceremony is one of the most famous film events in India. Every person in Bollywood wants that black lady of Filmfare. but have you ever wondered who is that black lady?

The statuette of Filmfare is depicting a woman whose arms are upraised in a dance number with her fingers touching, which is commonly referred to as "The Black Lady". Following the tradition of the American Academy, the specially designed Filmfare Award Trophy was also given the nick-name “Clare” just like “Oscar” in the west. And it was named in the memory of late Miss Clare Mendonca, film critic of The Times of India. The awards were first introduced by the Filmfare magazine of The Times Group in 1954, the same year as the National Film Awards.

The coveted ‘Black Lady’ statuette was originally designed by NG Pansare under the supervision of Times of India’s art director Walter Langhammer. Generally, the Filmfare award was made of bronze but in the 25th year of the awards, the statues were made in silver, and to celebrate the 50th year the statues were made in gold.

The Filmfare trophy is manufactured by The Award Gallery since 2000. Till 2012, there were only a few changes made to the trophy. But recently, as of 2013, a huge change has been made to give the trophy a 3-D look. There were two reasons were given for this change.

The organizers believe that this was necessary to match the many advances in technology in today's world which will advance a lot more in the coming years as well. Also, this was an attempt to match the theme of the 2013 set of awards at Filmfare in Mumbai: a hundred years leap into the future.

Every major awards show has had more than its fair share of awkward moments over the years, including the Filmfare Awards. In 1958, India’s ‘Nightingale’ Lata Mangeshkar refused to accept her first Filmfare Award. Because the statue was designed in the shape of a woman who was without clothes. The organizers finally wrapped the award with a handkerchief and presented it to the singer.