German politician and leader of the Nazi Party Adolf Hitler has a history of the world that can never be forgotten. Hitler is a black history about which you must have heard or read something. By now everything you have heard about Hitler will be his evil, but today we are giving such information about Hitler which is good, not his evil.

Animal Rights

Adolf Hitler was the first European leader that passed wolf protection laws. This includes hunting seasons which many countries go by today. In 1933, a law was passed that protected animals from uncontrolled vivisection and abuse.

ALL animals were to be treated with respect. Companies were not allowed to test their products on animals unless it was an absolute necessity. In that case, the setting must be clean, controlled, and anesthetics must be used to prevent pain.

Universities were also not allowed to test animals unless they were given permission by the state. In that case, anesthetics had to be present and the setting had to be clean.


Hitler believed the German citizen was entitled to a paid vacation. Hitler started programs which allowed abled working citizens to get vacation days. The program included vacationing in foreign countries such as Italy.

The Nazis also started to build a vacation resort. However, it was never finished because war broke out in 1939, leaving the project to be unfinished.

First Anti-Smoking Campaign

Hitler used to smoke in his youthful years. It was discovered that nicotine was addictive and smoking was cancerous and so, he went on to be the first European leader to enforce this law.

He made it illegal for minors to purchase tobacco products. Though he didn’t necessarily make smoking illegal, he encouraged people to quit. He banned smoking in public places and set up designated smoking areas. He banned uniformed personnel from smoking whilst in uniform. And he heavily encouraged pregnant women to not smoke at all.


While the Autobahn was not Hitler’s invention, he still enabled it to be built. The project alone put 100,000+ jobless Germans to work. With an additional 230,000+ being hired to work at factories to provide for the construction.

Additional jobs were given to people because parks and monuments were being built. The unemployment rate dropped drastically within 3 years, and the economy was in a better state.

I would also like to mention that MEFO bills were being used to pimp up the military forces. This means more than 100,000 soldiers were being drafted into service. Hitler built an Airforce and a Navy. Weapons, planes, etc were being produced. By 1939, Nazi Germany had the strongest army and strongest airforce in the world.

It is also worth mentioning that after Hitler took power, the Nazis simply… printed more money. LOL.

First European Leader who banned Human Zoos

The last human zoo was banned in 1958 in Europe. In 1940, Hitler passed a law that banned human zoos. The idea was some people were considered "exotic," and were the attractions to "normal" people. Hitler was the first European leader to ban human zoos.