Trying to understand someone is a tricky business. On the one hand, if you simply ask the person what they think or mean, there’s always the chance that they’d lie or exert more effort to make themselves look good. while there’s no quick and easy way to assess a person’s true character and motivations.

A person's profile and the way they present themselves online reveals a lot about their personality, traits, and interests, as well as the way they want to be seen. All we have to do is observe carefully. here are some small things that can tell you a lot about a person.

The speed of eating: Fast eaters are ambitious, go-getters and impatient. Slow eaters are one for patience and savoring life’s pleasure.

Response to insults: People pleaser if they accept every insult, insecure if they get super-defensive, confident if they joke around it.

Ability to express emotions: People who can’t talk about their feelings have an unhealed traumatic history.

Showing anxiety physically: People who do repetitive behaviors like biting-nails, tapping foot tend to be perfectionists.

Behavior towards better people: If they talk with the contempt towards someone better than them, they feel threatened and jealous.

Who they talk about in a conversation: Low self-worth if they deflect questions about themselves. Narcissistic if they can’t stop talking about themselves.

Ability to take a joke: The easier it is to offend them the bigger the ego and lower the self-esteem they have.

When pointing out their mistakes: Big ego if they get offensive, victim mentality if they blame it on others, humble if they can accept.