Remember the Two year old Indonesian boy Ardi Rizal who was smoking 40 cigarettes a day is now living a healthy lifestyle.

Two year old Ardi Rizal shocked the world in 2010 when his 40-a-day fag addiction first came to light. Public outrage forced the parents to finally seek help. The Indonesian government placed Ardi in a rehabilitation program. As expected, this was challenging.

Ardi developed an addiction to junk food after his parents weaned him off cigarettes amid an international outcry over his smoking habit. He became morbidly obese at the age of 5 and was given further treatment.

The boy faced an uphill battle with his addictions, but was able to beat them with the help of the government and a nutritionist. Rizal is now sticking to a strict diet that consists of fresh fish, fruit and vegetables.

Now, Ardi is 12 years old has now focused his attention on his studies and became healthy and his addictions are no longer present. He kicked his old habits and can now be a child again.