Bollywood legendary actor Raj Kumar was known for delivering dialogues prefixed with a "Jaani" but When it comes to tantrums, no Bollywood star can counter the audacity and intrigue like Raj Kumar, which is the story of an era.

Raj Kumar was an Indian actor, known for his brilliant voice, impeccable dialogue delivery, stylish performance, and great stories of his eccentric nature, which are still a part of Bollywood folklore. (Don't confuse him with being Dr. Raj Kumar, who was a famous South Indian actor.)

He called Zanjeer (1973) a cult hit that made Amitabh Bachchan an overnight sensation. Satyendra Singh Satyendra Singh gave the reason, but Rajkumar was more eccentric with his cause. He told Prakash Mehra that he could not work with the director who uses jasmine oil.

He and Dilip Kumar worked together in Paigam (1959), in which he played the elder brother. As part of the story, his character was that of slapping Dilip Kumar. Legend has it, to be true to his character, he actually slapped Dilip Kumar. Dilip Kumar, the then superstar, felt bad and vowed not to work with him again.

When Subhash Ghai did a casting uproar and made Saudagar (1991) which turned out to be a blockbuster hit, it took 32 years for them to come together.

He suggested to Khuleam Bappi Lahiri that he had so many gold ornaments, he could also put a Mangal Sutra.

He refused the role in "Mera Naam Joker" as he felt that he would not be equaled with Manoj Kumar and Dharmendra.

He was extremely fond of white shoes and fashionable clothes and declined to act in many films in the latter part of his career, simply because he was not comfortable portraying a character that was probably not an unforgettable character.

Surprisingly, when you watch his earlier films, you will find an extraordinary actor (I still find an exceptionally brilliant performance of a poor farmer in Mother India). His eccentricity and magic have no idea what he was famous for. He excelled as an actor whose dialogue delivery was superb.