Being the queen of England or just being in her presence comes with a lot of rules. You have to stand up when she does, You can't eat garlic, the royals aren’t playing monopoly, and so on and on.

But we all know breaking the rules, sometimes give you irreplaceable rebellious adrenal And it looks like Queen Elizabeth II knows that too well because she is no stranger to breaking a few of the royal rules herself. After all, some rules are meant to be broken.

Hugging Michelle Obama Back

In 2009 former first lady of America Michelle Obama met Queen Elizabeth II. Michelle Obama famously broke protocol to give the Queen a hug which, apparently, the Queen didn't mind one bit and hugged her back. Michelle  wrote in her autobiography, Becoming, that she wasn’t aware of the protocol. The reason for the hug according to Michelle? We were just “two tired ladies oppressed by our shoes.” 

Making All of Kate & William's Kids HRHs(His or Her Royal Highness)

For a long, long time, the eldest ‘male’ child of the monarch is said to be the next successor of the British throne, irrespective of the fact that he also has an elder female sibling. But that was before 2013, when the Queen signed a degree, called Letters Patent, to change that, making any subsequent kids eligible as well. That's why Charlotte is a "Princess" instead of a "Lady," and Louis is a "Prince" rather than a "Lord." So for now Kate and William's kids all are His or Her Royal Highness.

Accepted Flowers From a Fan

The Queen usually didn't accept flowers from her fans but she accepted one of her fans Laura-Ann Barr. Belfast-based blogger Laura-Ann Barr scored a coveted invitation to Queen Elizabeth‘s garden party at Buckingham Palace and she wanted to show her appreciation to the Queen with a gift: a bouquet of flowers. But Queen graciously stopped and accepted the flowers with a smile thanked the blogger for complimenting her pink ensemble.

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Giving a Soccer Fan Her Autograph

Back in 1998, the Queen made an official visit to Malaysia. When a young soccer player (a fan of Manchester United) asked her to sign his soccer ball, she broke a major royal tradition to do it.

Queen The Only Female Royal who Joined the Military

Queen Elizabeth II's Time in WWII Makes Her the Most Hardcore Head of State. The British monarchy has a long tradition of military service, but there has only been one woman from the British royal family to ever serve in the Armed Forces, and she's the only head of state to have served in World War II.

Bowing Her Head to Diana's Coffin

The Queen emerged from Buckingham Palace as Diana's coffin was rolled by on its way to Westminster Abbey and bowed her head. The coffin passed Buckingham Palace where members of the Royal Family were waiting outside. Queen Elizabeth II bowed her head as it went by. More than one million people lined the streets of London, and flowers rained down onto the cortège from bystanders.

Queen allowed her son and grandson to marry a divorced woman

Marrying a divorced person was taboo among the British monarchy for hundreds of years but Queen break the rule and allowed her son Prince Charles and grandson Prince Harry to marry a divorced women.