Omari McQueen a 12-year old school boy. who started to learn cooking at the age of 7 to feed his five siblings in case his parents are not around. Today, he's given his own cooking show on BBC Food. ⁠

Little chef Omari McQueen recently scored a show on CBBC, a BBC channel for children. The show is called What’s Cooking Omari? and will follow McQueen as he prepares plant-based meals and recipes to encourage other children to try new foods.

Youngest award-winning chef and youth empowerment speaker Omari McQueen of the United Kingdom began his journey of becoming a chef when he first started cooking at the age of seven years old. when his mother fell ill from hemiplegic migraines which is a rare and serious type of migraine headache that symptoms mimic those of a stroke and causes paralysis on one side of the body.

Omari’s parents taught him and his older brother how to cook when his mother could not prepare meals for the family and his father was working late. Thus began his passion for cooking.

After coming across a video on YouTube about veganism. He continued his research on the subject and became passionate about learning and teaching kids, how to eat better and healthier.

Omari’s ascension as a CEO and founder of his company Dipalicious which has three flavor dips the Caribbean kick which is made from pineapple mango and chillies, a sweet tooth made with mangoes, pear, and peach and last but not least coconut curry started when he was eight years old when he filmed himself for a YouTube video making pizza.

That day, he felt the pizza was dry and didn’t know Heinz tomato sauce was vegan so he made his first sauce the Caribbean kick. After rave reviews on the taste of his sauce from family members, his trajectory and mind were set.

He decided to start selling his sauces to the public Omari now has his pop-ups across the UK as well as a meal preparation service and a strong following as a vegan loyalist and now he is just twelve years old. He is currently saving up to have his bus converted restaurant. As well as ready meals for kids.

His hard work is not going unrecognized. Omari has been awarded the true little hero award for being the entrepreneur hero under 12 by Cause of Children Limited.

Omari also won the compassionate kid award from PETA for his work helping animals in November 2018. Lastly, he also winning a proud and gifted award for his work as a vegan chef and youth empowerment speaker.

Omari McQueen is an inspirational example for children his age and even us adults to pursue our passions.