India once again is violating the ceasefire along LoC & targeting civilian populated areas in AJK. All sectors of Neelam Valley from Nosiri to Taubat are under heavy firing.

Many times India has oppressing Kashmir. The Indian Army is destroying the homes of the Kashmiri people. The life of every Kashmiri is at stake, as when a Kashmiri left home either he is martyred or disappeared & obliterated his identity.

In another ceasefire violation by Indian troops, heavy shells were fired across the Line Of Control, targeting civilian populated areas in Neelum Valley. Massive shelling continues in many places. In Dudhniyal, Five people of the same family are injured.

After the partition of India, the present-day India and Pakistan contested the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir. The First Kashmir War lasted more than a year when a ceasefire or Line Of Control was accepted through the UN mediation. An LoC line was agreed upon by the two sides. But India violated LoC several times and still violating to attacking Neelum Valley, Kashmir.

How long LOC people in Kashmir will bear Indian atrocities and such kind of terrorism, why international media don’t see this brutality of India.