Some habits like showering or washing your bedsheets have obvious health benefits when it comes to good hygiene. We tend to assume that all hygiene habits help make us cleaner and healthier, but there are a number of hygiene habits that are actually pretty dangerous.

Luke Water kills more germs

Some people think that warm water helps kill germs faster when washing your hands. It actually makes no difference. Water needs to be near boiling to effectively kill germs. As long as you use soap you are good.

Using An Air Dryer

Most of us use air dryers after we've washed our hands instead of using paper towels, if the option is available to us. However, paper towels are actually much more sanitary. Multiple studies have found that paper towels remove more bacteria than air dryers, so you might want to choose to wipe your hands rather than dry them. Also,there is a controversial photo that was released by a biology student, Nicole Ward. Her class assignment was to place a petri dish anywhere of her choosing for 3 minutes. Then seal it. And then see what grows within 48 hours. Nicole placed hers inside of a bathroom air hand dryer. Her assignment definitely "won". It seemed to grow a city of germs and fungi in 2 days. Several competing studies have been released. Some saying that hand dryers spread more disease (due to the mix of moisture and heat).

Leaving your dishes to soak

Leaving your dishes to soak in the sink might seem like it would make them cleaner, but it could actually be a breeding ground for bacteria. Research says that the kitchen sink contains more E. coli than a toilet after flushing it. Soaking pots and pans can also act as a breeding ground for for E. coli or salmonella.