Anyone who knows anything about history will be aware that the middle ages weren't the most pleasant times to live in. Sure, it might have been okay if you were part of the aristocracy, or at least came from a wealthy family, but even then, there were hazards galore.

If you're interested in the darker side of the past, we've got just the thing for you. These facts about the middle ages range from the different to the disturbing to the downright disgusting, and will surely make you glad that you live in modern times.

Here are some disturbing, scary, or weird facts about the Middle Ages:

During the Black Plague, 30–50% of the European population died, in some areas being as high as 50%.

Most people are familiar with the Crusades, but most people aren’t aware of the Children’s Crusades when thousands of children were gathered into an “army” to peacefully convert the Muslim infidels in the holy land. The children didn’t end up making it to the holy land and many of them died of starvation or were sold into slavery.

During the Middle Ages, at least 20–30% of young children under seven died from diseases such as measles, tuberculosis, influenza smallpox, etc. (the actual death toll is likely much higher.)

Torture was common during this period and there was no shortage of sick fucks with ingenuity of creating instruments designed to maximize pain, such as Judas’s Cradle, the Heretic’s Fork, the Cat’s Paw, and the Pear, I’ll spare you the details of these medieval punishments.

Animals were tortured for entertainment in the form of cat burning, bear-baiting, and dogfighting while the sickos in the crowd laughed and enjoyed themselves.

People, especially the nobles, used urine to wash their faces and for exfoliation to eliminate skin impurities.

Pale skin was very fashionable at the time and women wore makeup that contained lead to bring out this effect. The result was premature death among many women.

Then there was the genius idea of putting animals on trial for certain crimes. Though it seems unlikely that the animals would be able to represent themselves in an attempt to get a lighter sentence.

Urine was also used by doctors to treat wounds.

After the Black Plague, people were convinced by some doctors that the reason why the plague spread was that people were bathing too frequently. As a result, people decided to bathe as little as possible