Michelle Obama married to the 44th US President Barack Obama was the first African-American First Lady and played a pivotal role in her husband’s career and success and Melania Trump married to the 45th US President Donald Trump – is the current First Lady of the United States. Of Slovenian origins, she worked as fashion model before marrying the American tycoon in 2005.

Michelle and Melania have two very different personalities and play (or played) different roles in their husbands’ lives. While Michelle Obama Michelle always strongly endorsed Barack’s actions and views, Melania has been less outspoken about Donald’s political career and has been less involved in his activities.

Michelle Obama is a very brilliant person. She's a graduate of Princeton and Harvard. She practiced as an attorney at the prestigious law firm Sidley Austin. She was Barack Obama's clerk at that firm. They were married a few years after that. After that, they both stayed in Chicago. Michelle Obama served as assistant to Mayor Richard Daley during his term in Chicago from 1989 to 2011. In short, Michelle Obama is an extremely intelligent woman who agreed to put aside her legitimate political ambitions to support her husband Barack Obama. She did this out of love, and it is something that commands respect. She has an incredible charisma when she speaks in public. She exudes something strong, and it is no coincidence that she is even more popular than Barack Obama in the United States. She explains that she doesn't want to get into the political arena.

On the other side of Melania Trump, we find a woman object that was chosen by Donald Trump for her beauty. Everybody still wonders what she could have found in Donald Trump apart from his money. Donald Trump leaves her little room to express herself. She has little charisma unfortunately for her.

Being the first lady of the United States after Michelle Obama, who so beautifully embodied this office, is difficult for Melania Trump because it highlights, even more, all her limitations.

Despite both being (or having been) First Ladies, Melania and Michelle are very different people and have shown a different level of engagement with the American population.