The legendary fighter pilot holds a unique record of shooting down five Indian aircraft in less than a minute in 1965 war. 

MM Alam was born in Calcutta on July 6, 1935. He was the eldest of 11 siblings. The family migrated from Calcutta to eastern Bengal which became East Pakistan following the formation of Pakistan in 1947. Alam was granted commission in PAF (then RPAF) on October 2, 1953.

During the Indo-Pakistan war of 7 September 1965. MM Alam is attributed to have shot down 9 enemy aircraft, including five Hawker Hunter aircraft, on one sortie, while piloting an F-86 Sabre flying ace. Alam scored an "ace in a day" on 7 September 1965 and making a world record in shooting most jets in shortest time.

Alam was awarded the Sitara-e-Jura’at (The Star of Courage), a Pakistani military decoration, for his actions during the war. He is popularly known as MM Alam and was nicknamed ‘Little Dragon’. He retired in 1982 as an Air Commodore. Alam died in Karachi on 18 March 2013 when He was 77. 


Alam is considered a national hero for Pakistan. The popular M. M. Alam road in Lahore is named after him, while the PAF Airbase Mianwali was renamed in his memorial at his passing in 2013.