The body of this little girl who died in 1920 was preserved, and it is kept in the Capuchin Catacombs in Palermo, Sicily. Her name was Rosalia Lombardo.

According to research, a Two-year-old girl named Rosalia Lombardo, who died of pneumonia almost a century ago. But from time to time, she blinks. Her devastated parents begged the Capuchin Monks of Palermo to mummify her body so that it could be preserved forever, and the men happily obliged.

Rosalia is the most talked-about of the 8000 mummies in the Catacombs because many people have reported witnessing her blink her eyes several times a day.

This is what Dario Piombino-Mascali, curator of the Catacombs, has to say that: "It’s an optical illusion produced by the light that filters through the side windows, which during the day is subject to change." He further added that Rosalia’s eyes are "not completely closed, and indeed they have never been."

Although many people called her "sleeping beauty". 

Furthermore, Piombino-Mascali also managed to discover the elusive formula that was used for Lombardo’s impeccable preservation. When Salafia passed in 1933, he took the secret formula to the grave.

Additionally, Rosalia Lombardo is now housed in a new glass case. “It was designed to block any bacteria or fungi. Thanks to a special film, it also protects the body from the effects of light,” Piombino-Mascali said.

Now, Piombino-Mascali hopes, tourists will stop fabricating "totally unfounded stories" about the child mummy.