Karima Baloch, a Pakistani activist who was named in BBC News 2016 annual list of 100 inspirational women was found dead in Toronto, Canada.

Human rights activist and vocal critics of Baloch Pakistan Karima Baloch founded dead at the Harbourfront. Karima's body was found by Canadian police, and the body drowned off an island just near Toronto’s Lakeshore.

As per sources last time Karima was seen at 3 PM in the Bay Street and Queens Quay West area and then she went missing two days ago and today, her dead body was found however the reason for her death is yet to be confirmed.

The 37-year-old was a campaigner from the restive region of Balochistan living in exile and was a vocal critic of Pakistan's government and state. She has also raised many issues in the career such as gender inequality in Pakistan at the United Nation when the 39th Session of the Human Rights Council in 2018 was going on.