Kaavan a 36 year old world's loneliest elephant, who has spent much of his life languishing alone in captivity in Pakistan zoo. Now he is on his way to a sanctuary in Cambodia.

Hollywood Singer Cher has helped rescue the elephant from decades of captivity. After Kaavan's partner died in 2012, He was dubbed the "world's loneliest elephant" and since 2016, the singer Cher has been part of a huge social media campaign to relocate him.

Pakistan's only Asian elephant has spent years in grim conditions in a controversial Islamabad zoo, where he suffered from a lack of exercise as well as cracked and malformed nails due to living in an inappropriate structure.

In covid-19 pandemic and zoo poor conditions Islamabad's High Court closed the zoo and  gave animal welfare organization Four Paws permission to remove Kaavan.

Cher said "My wishes have finally come true", Also "We have been counting down to this moment and dreaming of it for so long and to finally see Kaavan transported out of the Islamabad zoo will remain with us forever." 

Kaavan, who Sri Lanka gifted to Pakistan when he was a baby. Kaavan’s woes continued until recently. Last year his keepers were suspended for stealing his food and a few months ago it was discovered that wild boars had been breaking into his enclosure and stealing his bread and fruit. Kaavan was also found to be severely dehydrated.

The world's loneliest elephant Kaavan has left Pakistan for Cambodia. Now Kavaan is being shifted to a full sanctuary where he will be given a dedicated 10-acre area full of elephants, therefore, beginning the chapter of a new "wholesome" life.