The United States 2020 presidential election has yet to be called, but Vice President Joe Biden has already broken the record for most votes ever received by a presidential candidate in United States history.

America's Former Vice President Joe Biden broke the record for the most votes won by any presidential nominee in US history. Joe Biden has received more than 70 million votes and counting.

Joe Biden is on track to receive millions of more votes than Pres. Trump, yet the nation is nervously waiting to find out who won. Is trump will be back in the white house or Joe Biden will be the new president of the United States. America is the world's only democracy that chooses its leader via an Electoral College.

Winning the popular vote does not, of course, guarantee victory. Hillary Clinton also defeated Trump in the popular vote in 2016 by nearly 3 million votes, but he bested her in electoral college votes by nearly 80.

In 2008, Barack Obama earned 69,498,516 votes in the presidential election, the most ever. Now, Mr. Obama's former vice president, Democratic nominee Joe Biden, has surpassed that tally, with a record 69,589,840 votes (50.2 percent), and counting, in the 2020 election.