Joe Biden is 46th President of the United States. Democratic party candidate and former vice President defeated trump in election. The Us Presidential election Joe Biden declared the winner of Michigan and Wisconsin, two key swing states that former President Trump won four years ago.

Joe Biden defeated Republican rival Donald Trump. The win in Pennsylvania took Biden’s electoral college vote to 284, surpassing the 270.

Joseph Robinette Biden is an American politician who will be 46th president of the United States.  

Here are some reasons why President Joe Biden will be good president for America.

President of America Biden will save tens of thousands of lives. His pandemic plan is based on sound science and safety protocols´┐╝.

He will return the office of the president to one that will champion the rights of all; and strongly condemn racism and white supremacy.

Joe Biden will protect us from global warming and restore the United States to leadership in the Paris Climate Accord.

Joe Biden will restore our once respected and honored position as the foremost leader in the entire world against global tyranny, injustice, oppressive dictatorships and terrorism.

Joe Biden will protect millions of Americans from losing their health insurance and being denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions; and will result in workable and affordable universal health care.

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Joe Biden will protect your Social Security benefits that you have worked for your whole life and have given to the government with the promise that those funds would be available after you retire.

Joe Biden will restore our immigration policy to one that is tough but humane, will free children from cages and re-establish a fair judicial process for asylum seekers.

Joe Biden will restore fairness to the federal tax code and redistribute the wealth in this country to ensure that the mega rich pay their fair share and the middle class and the poor are no longer ignored.

Joe Biden will restore the American economy to the robust, job creating, stable economy that was the best in the world (under the Obama/Biden administration).

Joe Biden will protect and restore our faith in democracy, free elections, separation of powers; and will restore decency and accountability to the office of the president and the executive branch.