As we all know that Pakistan's former finance minister Ishaq Dar was butchered in a BBC News interview that is storming the headlines nationally and internationally.

The BBC show Hard Talk truly lived to its name, because all questions hit Dar so hard that he failed to answer any of them sensibly. In that show PML-N leader Ishaq Dar has claimed that he only owns a single property, which is his sole residence in Pakistan, and denied allegations of his property interests abroad.

Dar denied allegations of corruption against him and boasted of a clean tax record, host Stephen Sackur asked him point-blank how many properties he and his family owned.

Sackur then referred to media reports about the properties of Dar and his family in Pakistan and overseas in London and Dubai. "You sitting here in London and you don’t own any property in London? No just you, your family too," he asked. "No," was the terse response. "Not even in Dubai," prodded Sackur. on this statement Dar said "My son owns just one villa [in Dubai]. They have been doing business for the last 17 years,"

Sackur piling up misery on Dar and said "When I asked you how many properties you and your family own, you said, 'one' was that strictly true,".

Stephen Sackur, the host is considered as one of the best investigative journalists in United Kingdom, and that is why he's hired by the world's top news agency (BBC News) to conduct interview-based programs and is also the main Friday presenter of BBC World News.

Stephen Sackur is the same guy who ripped the late Zimbabwean PM and President Robert Mugave live in a way that he literally left the show throwing the mic on table!.

Ishaq Dar was declared an absconder by the Supreme Court in 2017 when he failed to appear before it since he was in London, reportedly undergoing medical treatment. Since then, he remains in London. Then In May 2018, the apex court had suspended Dar's Senate membership.

Some Tweetrati is so happy and thanking StephenSackur for exposed and grilled of Ishaq Dar in the BBC program Hard Talk.