Former president of America Donald Trump was already rated among the worst Presidents in US history by both Democratic and Republican political historians.

Trump is one of the more broadly divisive Presidents in terms of perception. That said, even Republican political historians ranked him incredibly poorly, in the bottom five. But then, there has been the last two months of incessant, baseless claims of fraud, the 60 odd specious court cases which have been thrown out, the active incitement of insurrection, and the whipping up an armed mob to lynch the Vice President and invade the Capitol building and halt the peaceful transition of power.

Actual political historians tend to be thoughtful, knowledgeable, and educated. As a result, Trump will be in the bottom two. Will he be worse than Buchanan?

Trump is the worst President in living memory, but the USA has been around for almost 250 years (and isn’t the world looking forward to having to shut off all media in 2026 so that we aren’t consuming neon-hued American jingoistic exceptionalism 24/7/365). Time will tell where on the failed Presidents ranking Trump lands, but suffice it to say that January 6th sent him sliding toward the bottom.