The earth has warmed to a point where agricultural production is on the rise. Increasing C02 has also stimulated plant life worldwide. C02 is a plant food/ fertilizer, not a poison.

C02 attributed to humans is only 4% of the total C02 in the environment. The natural C02 has increased at a quicker rate than the man-made version. There is a point where additional C02 will no longer affect the temperature as the effect becomes saturated. We are likely already there.

Deserts are shrinking. General health is better in historical warm periods. Colder periods like the little ice age or the baseline for the random 2C apocalyptic temp rise, are times of crop failures and sickness. This was the “perfect temperature” before we supposedly started to screw everything up. that is somehow better than where we are now?

Plants use less water when sufficient C02 is available. Greenhouses inject C02 at levels of at least 1000 ppm and greater for optimum growth. We are only at 412 ppm right now. Plants starve under 200 ppm.

Now if we can defund the Climate change people and reassign those assets to pollution and water clean up we will really be better off. The Climate centerfold Polar Bears are in better shape than they have been in recent history. they will likely be removed from the endangered list soon. The sky is not falling, Tornados, hurricanes, and violent weather events are down, snowfall levels are up.

Antarctica isn't melting and Greenland has already started gaining snowpack a whole month ahead of what is usual. The world isn't melting and we are not setting it on fire. We are in a great position right now.