Our society sees smoking girls as characterless. If a girl has a cigarette lit up in her hand then she must be easy going, she is arrogant, evil and feminazi type and that's how our society thinks.

Society plays a very important role. The evolution of society about how men and women are viewed decides how the society views an event when the respective gender is involved. Society is more disgusted when it sees a woman smoke than when a man does the same. It is not healthy for anybody irrespective of gender.

With society, our media is also responsible. In movies, if a girl is smoking she is either a prostitute or an evil feminazi. So when guys see a girl light up they are astonished and sees as some dinosaur has come back to life.

Pakistan is on fifth-highest number of women smokers after the US and India. and these numbers are continuously increasing especially the percentage increase in women smokers. Though the number is increasing social acceptance of smoking is not increasing. Still, society does not prefer people smoking whether it's men or women, though society is harsher on women in case of smoking.

why society has to differentiate among men’s and women’s. According to government law males and females share equal rights. But still, our society's orthodox thinking doesn’t allow women to smoke. If a women smoke she is of bad character but if a men smoke then it just a habit.

When a cigarette burns it doesn’t see whether a male is smoking or a female is smoking, it will harm both and no one gives the right to anyone to judge any girl on basis of their smoking habit. If our society cares for people, then they should stop both male and female from smoking by making them aware of the bad consequences they might suffer due to their smoking habit. It's wrong to have different views on smoking for males and females. The cigarette doesn’t differentiate on a gender basis, it will cause harm to anyone who smokes.

It’s time that our society shall broaden its view and start seeing the thing from a broader perspective. Smoking is just a habit it doesn’t define anyone’s character.