Queen Elizabeth II's only daughter, Princess Anne, who has achieved the distinction of being the hardest-working royal for not one, not two, but three years running, is a dutiful yet colorful figure in House Windsor. The second child and only daughter of Queen Elizabeth, Anne has been officially representing the monarchy since she was 18 years old.

Princess Anne is "The Real Tungsten." That moniker would have suited her a great deal more than "her royal rudeness." Out of all her brothers, she endured a life shattering moment the night she was almost kidnapped in 1974. When the individuals in the car with her that night were being injured by the gunman, Princess Anne utilized sharp, quick thinking in a moment of madness and mayhem. She was able to distract her kidnapper and miraculously spared herself from also being shot.

This is an incident which has left the Princess traumatized. Princess Anne is bold, daring and confident. Those words that people wouldn’t necessarily use to describe Princes Edward, Charles or Andrew. She has the competitor spirit in her which people believe could be owed to her participation in equestrian sport and the Olympics. She once fell off a horse and suffered a concussion but got right back up and onto the horse.

Her competitive spirit transpired over to her daughter, Zara. Yes, she raised a silver medal Olympian!

Anne is a bit smarter and tougher than Prince Andrew and Prince Charles in the way she handles or responds to negativity. She has never been known to court the press and prefers to keep her distance from the cameras. Also, the Princess Royal would never be affiliated with allegations of the level that is currently plaguing her brother, Andrew.

Princess Anne is the "girl next door" of royalty. She’s fairly humble, not necessarily posh and surely not ashamed to get her hands dirty and hang with the guys. Being the only female sibling in her immediate family has contributed to her "tough girl" demeanor. One fact we can also appreciate about Princess Anne is her propensity for realness. If she isn’t too fond of someone she isn’t likely to hide it—like the time where she sorta kinda snubbed Trump when he visited the UK.