2021 is just around the corner. All of us know that 2020 didn't go easy on us. Thousands of people left us, millions of people lost their jobs, and whatnot but if we look at the silver lining, this year taught us to be patient, resilient, and grow in ways that we couldn't have explored or imagined.

The start of 2020 in January sent shock waves into the homes of everyone when the legend American basketballer Kobe Bryant tragically passed away in Calabasas. His accident hurt many hearts around the world as his daughter Gianna and seven others also passed in the incident. Almost two months later, America was introduced to a whole new beast when it experienced the outbreak of coronavirus.

The outbreak started a pandemic and forced a shutdown of the entire World. No one had any idea of the symptoms of the virus or how it even ended up in the world. Many did not know of COVID-19 at all. Millions of people lost their job. events were canceled, schools were shut down. Social distancing has been a staple for outside life since the pandemic hit.

The unemployment rate has shot through the roof. It is the highest it has been since the last depression. It has forced the government to figure out how to assist the people that have lost their jobs to the pandemic.

Two months after the pandemic struck, police brutality and racial injustice came to the forefront once again. It has always been an issue in America, but this year led to an uproar. On May 25, 2020, George Floyd was arrested and died due to a white police officer, pressing his knee to Floyd’s neck for over eight minutes. This incident led to many riots and protests all over the country. Many people were fed up with the excessive force used by officers when there was no need. This incident was recorded and brought to social media so that everyone could see it. This incident also made blacks stand up and mention all the other blacks that have lost their lives to police brutality and racial injustice.

Even with all the bad years in history to choose from, 2020 ranks right at the top. The masks, the isolation, the loneliness, the nonstop parade of death, natural disaster, and political stridency, is something new under the sun.

This 2020 is a uniquely bizarre year. The biggest thing that we’ve experienced in this present 21st century is the routine changes. Every year has its good and bad sides. You wouldn’t deny that every year have their bad sides too.