I am the girl who always falls in love too fast. You know when you meet a guy, whether it's in a car, or on a party, or through a friend group and that thought always comes to mind-May be he is the one. It took a while and then I found him everything just flowed, the conversation, the chemistry, the connection, it was all there.

We saw each other every single day. I finally found someone who understood me. He found all the goofy things I do cute and he told me how special I was.we started planning our life together. He said he never been this way with anyone else before and he took away all my insecurities and then, in one moment he brought them all back.

Some of us tend to get a little too excited and fall way too fast for guys who may not be very good for us.

This is really a tough message but I have to share this so Girls and boys as well don’t fall in love too fast because when you fall in love too fast its not love.

Nothing good in our lives ever comes from falling. They say love is blind because only we fall is when we are blinded. When you fall in love too fast you think you know their dreams but you just know their plans. You think you know their heart but you know their mind. you think you know their past but you know just parts.

Let the right person show you that they re the right person. Don't you just give away your trust, let someone earn it.

I know what it's like it, it feels amazing to fall for someone quickly-that adrenaline rush. but why would you want to fall for someone that you don’t know is going to be there to catch you?

We don’t just find a huge tree with beautiful fruits and flowers overnight.it takes time.

No matter how much you water it, it takes time, no matter how much sunlight you gave it takes time.no tree overnight has the most beautiful flowers and fruits and so neither can a relationship it takes time because remember, you can't eat the fruit the same day you plant the seed and on the flip side, don’t make someone fall in love with you. if you don’t know how to love them.because guess what they won't end up questioning you and they’ll end up questioning love.