Human brains need the highest level of energy to function than any organ in the human body. Glucose is considered the main source of energy for our brains. But there is a negative impact on the brain when we consume too much sugar.

Excessive sugar consumption can cause us a serious impediment to cognitive process and it also affects our self-control power in a negative way. According to scientists, sugar affects our brain the way any drug effect for which many people deal with the loss of self-control, binge eating, eating disorders, and other health issues.

Sugar Addiction

A scientific journal called PloS One has stated that sugary foods can be more addictive than cocaine and it can even exceed cocaine addiction. Sugar addiction has a direct connection with the brain which further controls our urges of overeating, eating disorders and etc.

Sweet foods contain a hedonic value that provides us pleasure while eating. This is the reason why we crave any sweet beverage again and again. Obesity, cognitive process, mood process- There are various factors that are affected by sugar addiction.

How sugar addiction impacts memory

Not only for the brain, but even a bit of excess sugar in the bloodstream can affect the entire human body negatively. A high amount of sugar can directly affect our brain that further results in weak cognitive function. This is also responsible for the shortage of memory and lack of strong attention power.

According to some studies, people who are extreme;y addicted to sweet foods are more likely to have a weak mental capacity which is also associated with brain shrinkage and low memory power. A study in 2016 has reported that people who intake a high amount of sugar regularly are more prone to brain inflammation that is further associated with some serious issues regarding brain health.

Our moods are also affected by sugar

It has been proved by researchers that people lose the ability to control their emotions and feelings if they intake excessive sugary foods or drinks. High blood sugar is also considered as one of the main reasons for depression and anxiety that have a serious impact on every individual's life.

People who suffer from type 2 diabetes have been found to feel more anxious and stressed out or excessive sadness due to sugar consumption. Our mental health mostly depends on our moods and addiction to sweets can seriously impact our mental health.

Mental capacity and sugar addiction

Diabetic people often deal with vascular complications that are occurred due to excess sugar in the bloodstream that can further cause blood vessel damage in the brain, weak eyesight and etc. brain functions such as learning, reading, remembering, comprehending - These all can be seriously affected by sugar addiction.

A high amount of sugar in the human body can reduce the production of BDNF which is a neurotrophic factor and brain chemical which is associated with formation and learning and that can lead to Alzheimer’s diseases.

Most of us have an inclination towards sweets foods or delicious beverages. But in order to keep ourselves healthy and prevent all the serious health issues, we should consciously ignore refined sugar as much as possible. We can rather choose fresh fruits to satisfy our sweet tooth through which we can also avoid the negative impacts of sugar on our health.