Do you have trouble with confidence it can be difficult sometimes to act confidently especially when we don’t feel like it? Many people lack confidence and this may be expressed in a multitude of ways? Such as through your words actions and even your appearance.

Whether it’s through fashion, actions, or even words, confidence and a lack thereof can express itself in a multitude of ways. It can trick you into thinking and even acting like a completely different person. Unfortunately, a lack of self-confidence can be pretty tricky to tame, especially if you’re not paying attention to the ways it affects your everyday behavior. This will look and feel different from person to person, so you’ll just have to learn what resonates with you!.

Therefore being aware of how you express your lack of confidence may be helpful for you to find ways to improve upon it so here are some signs you may be lacking confidence.

Did you know that the way you look on the outside often reflects how you feel on the inside? According to a study. Good posture such as sitting up straight in your chair can give you more confidence in your thoughts so if you find yourself slouching or shrinking into yourself a lot lately. It may be helpful to remember to straighten yourself up to boost your self-confidence.

Are you afraid to run errands alone or eat alone? You find yourself constantly calling on your friends for the company when you need to go outside. Fear of being alone or doing things alone may be a sign of a lack of confidence. The possibility of other people seeing you or judging you may be heightening your self-consciousness and stopping you from going outside by yourself.

Do you constantly agree when people ask for your help even when you’re busy constantly saying yes to things? Maybe a sign that you lack confidence as a child. You may be taught to be helpful to others and always say yes but it’s important to make your mental health a priority and that may you mean saying no sometimes respecting your boundaries is an important piece of self-confidence that many people struggle with.

You always double-check with others or look for their approval. The constant need to look for other people’s acceptance to validate worth is a sign you lack confidence your dependency on others can be dangerous since you might end up doing things or saying things you don’t mean or want just to please them and to make them like you.

Do you have trouble choosing between things are you the kind of person who freezes when asked to make a decision. While indecision may just look like you’re having simple conflicting feelings. It may come from having a lack of confidence. When you don’t believe in yourself or your intuition you’re not likely to make productive decisions. This might lead to a heavy reliance on others or an inability or recognize your values.

When you lack confidence and self-love you may not feel as motivated to take care of yourself showers become shorter tidying up happens less frequently or maybe you’re wearing the same shirt for the fifth time this week. Whatever it may be these changes may happen so slowly that you don’t notice the difference in your routine or appearance. Developing healthy habits and prioritizing your self-care can go on a long way in giving you more confidence and boosting your self-esteem.

Do you avoid social gatherings or meetups with your friends because you don’t feel confident enough? When your lack of self-esteem starts to seriously affect your social life. You may be putting yourself at risk for social and emotional isolation. Good therapy defines social isolation as the absence of social relationships. Whereas most emotional isolation is the inability or unwillingness to share one’s emotions with others this lack of socialization may come from a fear of rejection, as well as a lack of self-confidence, have you noticed any of these signs others or maybe yourself.