Every King and Queen has some of the best security in the world, but sometimes that hasn't stopped an intruder from scaling her fence on multiple occasions. The same incident happened 38 years back in 1982 When Michael Fagan managed to bypass security by scaling a Palace drainpipe and entered the British monarch's bedroom.

30-year-old Michael Fagan was a painter and decorator from Clerkenwell. on 9 July 1982, Fagan scaled Buckingham Palace's 14-foot-high (4.3 m) perimeter wall, which was topped with revolving spikes and barbed wire, and climbed up a drainpipe before wandering into the Queen's bedroom at about 7:15 am.

Entering the royal apartments, Michael Fagan “spent ten minutes” in the Queen’s bed-chamber. The Queen woke when he disturbed a curtain and when the Queen tried to summon help when he entered her room, she found a ‘panic button’ was not working.  Intruder Michael Fagan sat down on the edge of the Queen’s bed and have exchanged a few quick words with Her Majesty. However, police reports did not confirm this version.

The incident was portrayed in the fourth season of the Netflix show "The Crown". but In reality, Fagan and Elizabeth didn't speak for very long, and the intruder didn't wake the Queen.

Fagan claimed that his famous palace break-in on 9th July 1982 was, in reality, his second break-in, meaning he managed to sneak into Buckingham Palace not once, but twice within the space of almost exactly a month.

Since it was then a civil wrong rather than a criminal offense, Fagan was not charged for trespassing in the Queen's bedroom. He was charged with theft (of the wine), but the charges were dropped when he was committed for psychiatric evaluation. In late July, Fagan's mother said, "He thinks so much of the Queen. I can imagine him just wanting to simply talk and say hello and discuss his problems." He spent the next three months in a psychiatric hospital before being released on 21 January 1983.

Moreover, Fagan is now 70 years old, recovering from a heart attack and COVID-19, and lives in Islington in North London with his family. While Michael Fagan was not the only intruder who entered Buckingham Palace. there have been few other incidents over the past decade.