Prince William is the new face of monarchy for the 21st century on the surface. Prince William appears to be a product of the old order grooms to be King by the house of Windsor but William is the son of Diana the woman who transcended celebrity and transformed the monarchy.

The influence of his mother Diana is going to be special in Williams's life. Prince William and Prince Harry are the children of broken homes not just broken most acrimonious and bitter separation and divorce in royal history.

Diana had done her duty by providing an errand to spare but then there was something that was going to break the golden rule of Duty first. When William was 6 the marital problems between his parents came to ahead.

At the beginning of 1989, Diana decided to confront Charles to his mistress Camilla Parker Bowles. When this all going William began his life at Peterborough school unaware that his mother was planning to break a royal taboo that would drastically change the future King's life.

People's Princess Diana was always keen to show William another side of life which is far away from the royal palaces. But after all Diana's efforts, William and Harry were moving more into their father’s orbit. Initially, he was mama’s boy but then it was a moment of change.

In 1994, when William was 12 Charles retaliated against Diana for the Morton book and became the first Prince of Wales to go public about his mistress.

During all these fights in 1995, when William was 13 his behavior at school changed. William was involved in a fight at school and ticked off by the master. William fight with a boy who had been ridiculed him for his parent's separation.

That time William didn’t like the stories of his mother's affairs neither did Diana so she decided to leak her own. Although Diana could trust some journalists to write her version of the truth.

Princess Diana did everything she could to make her children see that there was more beyond the monarchy. By the Time William is 15 his mother had successfully forged a new role for herself outside the royal family but her life was becoming more unpredictable. The House of Windsor tried to disown her but the media were obsessed with her.

In July 1997 Diana took William and Harry to stay with his rumored boyfriend Dodi Fayed at his father’s villa in the south of France. Diana’s time spent on the Phibes Yacht off San Tropez was a final holiday with William and Harry and her final act in the war of Wales.

After years away from the glare of the media spotlight, Diana’s death pushed the 15 years old Williams center stage. That day William showed what strength he had from her mother and now 23 years after his mother's death The Duke of Cambridge has a prominent role as a member of the royal family. William always tries to follow in her mother's footsteps. He has always been searching for normal he always wants to live a life less extraordinary.

THE Duke of Cambridge has revealed once in an interview his regret over the fact he could not do more to protect his mother in her “possibly a bit naive” dealing with the media, despite himself only being a child at the time.