British cooking legend, Gordon Ramsay is facing severe criticism from fans because he's reportedly planning to put a signature burger on the menu of his new London restaurant which would cost 80 pounds (almost PKR 17,000).

The celebrity chef will open his eponymous restaurant, Gordon Ramsay Burger, in Harrods on 4 December, just after the nationwide lockdown lifts. While the reactions to the burgers have been very mixed.

The 17,000pkr burger named the Wagyu burger will reportedly feature an exquisite lineup of 100% UK heritage beef patty, seared Wagyu sirloin, fresh black truffles, and truffle Pecorino cheese. Just keep in mind though, fries are sold separately.

Discussing the new restaurant opening in London, Ramsay said: “I'm really excited to announce, I'm bringing the Gordon Ramsay Burger to Harrods in Knightsbridge for the first time ever."

“Trust me, this is going to be a burger experience like no other as we've really elevated our patties using the most incredible mix of the UK's best cuts of meat.”

People have criticized Gordon on Twitter that the £80(17,000pkr) price tag is far too high for a burger, with many labelling it "ridiculous" and "absurd".

Though a burger priced that high seems a bit absurd to most, Ramsay, however, believes that it will be well worth the price tag.

Expensive burgers aren't the only thing on the Gordon Ramsay's Burger menu, however, If you want to save a little (and I do mean little) bit of money, you can opt for the cheaper options like the spicy Hell's Kitchen burger with jalapeno aioli and mozzarella cheese ($33) or the American burger made with classic fixings and American cheese ($28). There's also a $56 lobster-and-shrimp burger equipped with a pan-seared lobster and rock shrimp patty.